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Big Little Brush 

Every plastic toothbrush ever made, still exists today. This is terrible news for our planet! Big Little Brush has developed a bamboo and nylon 4 alternative that takes about a year to break down instead of 600 years like their plastic counter parts. Thoughtfully designed in Melbourne, these toothbrushes also support the incredible work of Red Dust, an Australian organisation working to enrich lives, improve health and strengthen the future of Indigenous youth and families. 


Fashion and Compassion  

Fashion & Compassion connects caring consumers with artisans in the USA, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador. Creating beautiful handmade pieces that bring economic empowerment to the communities of women who make them. Fashion & Compassion provides holistic support and community to refugees, immigrants and women overcoming addiction, incarceration, abuse, trafficking, HIV, and poverty. 



Duffle&Co. believe you should be able to buy remarkable products that look good and do good too. Each item you buy helps them to make the world that little bit better. Everything they do is driven by their passion for making products you really want, using processes that are gentler on people and the planet, whilst giving back to our communities.

Duffle&Co. pair high-end designers with local craftsmen, so you get long-lasting products that look good and do good. Their suppliers are like family. Duffle&Co. let them set their own pricing and supply terms. They stay up to date with all the latest developments in technology to ensure their products make use of the best production options for nature. Duffle&Co. think care and attention should go into the products you buy. They don’t use mass production assembly lines, instead all their products are handcrafted for you. Duffle&Co. are for people, for nature and for transparency so you don't have to choose between looking good and doing good!


wellington chocolate factory 

The Wellington Chocolate Factory makes organic, ethically sourced and traded bean to bar chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their factory from across the globe where they roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper - using artisans methods reaching back to the 18th century - producing batches of strong luscious organic chocolate.

Red Dust

Big Little Brush works in collaboration with Red Dust to support their Healthy Living program, which operates in remote indigenous areas around Central Australia, teaching primary school students the essential elements to good health including nutrition, hygiene, substance misuse and physical activity. All of this is conducted in a conscious and respectful way. The kids in this program use Big Little Brush's super cute kids brushes when they arrive at school each morning to learn the importance of good oral hygiene. 


good travel

GOOD Travel was founded in 2013 to promote and facilitate travel that has a positive impact. They're 100% committed to working with tourism businesses that are making a positive impact on the community, environment, and economy. By pioneering a new vision for tourism, GOOD Travel will change the face and experience of travel, and ultimately create a better world.


Oro y Pluma 

Gina from Oro y Pluma brings you ethical, sustainable and responsible hand crafted jewellery from her home, Colombia. Gina is passionate about sharing the creativity, culture and vibrancy of Colombia while also supporting women who have been victims of domestic violence or displaced from civil war. To achieve these outcomes Oro y pluma engages and supports Colombian independent jewellers who are committed to providing fair wages and working conditions to their employees who also use less chemicals and acids to treat their jewellery which is good news for the environment and the women making the jewellery. Jewellery production is historically associated with heavy use of acids and chemicals that are highly polluting. Oro y pluma uses a nickel free process that reduces occupation exposure to toxic fumes and carcinogens and safely disposes of residuals from polishing to reduce environmental impact.