our story

Twice as GOOD has it's roots in a little school in rural Tanzania that educates and nurtures nearly 100 children. After spending 3 months with these students I was so inspired by their determination to achieve in their academic pursuits and returned home to NZ to register a Charitable Trust that would support their academic aspirations. 

3 years on and we are ready to move away from fundraising and towards a more sustainable and effective model. Fundraising is hard work and we would love to instead devote our time to providing people with access to products that are good for them, the people making them and the environment. We will then use all profits to support the children's educational efforts in Tanzania, with our first project being the construction of a secondary school for the students graduating the village's primary school.

I believe that investing in the education of youth around the world is a valuable and essential investment that will significantly impact the quality of life of communities. While running Twice as GOOD, I also work as an Early Childhood Teacher and I love love love my job! Life is very busy and full of colds but it is so much fun and worth all the ups and downs.